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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Abstract Archive

Dear All,

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  1. "The End of a Dream: What the future holds for NASA and space travel"

    Apollo 17 launched at 12:33 am EST on December 7th 1972, and it was the last manned mission ever to land a human being onto the surface of the moon. At that time, many believed that humans would have reached the planet Mars by now, but since then, not a single human has gone past Earth's low orbit. The manned Space Shuttle program was also brought to a close when STS-135 landed safely back on Earth on July 21st 2011. As of right now, there are no future plans to send a human into space.

    In my research paper, I will describe the events leading to Apollo 11 (the first moon landing), it's significance, and the significance of the Space Shuttle missions. I will also be discussing why the Apollo & Space Shuttle program ended, why many believe NASA hasn't reached it's goal of landing on Mars, and some future endeavors that NASA may have planned.

  2. "Women of Sororities: Female Leaders in the Society"

    Sorority, rooting from Latin word "soror" meaning sisters, is a society of female students in university. Unfortunately, women in sorority are misunderstood to be irresponsible, snobby and often times dull. People perceive this way because of how they are presented through media. The Greek system, fraternities and sororities, became a tool of drama in many TV shows and movies. However in reality, many leaders in North America are Greek affiliated members.

    So who are the real women of sororities? What do they stand for and what are their impact in our society? In my paper I will be discussing the history and background of the Greek system, their misconceptions in our generation and their impact to our community.

    1. Giving background about how sororities came about was a great idea. The overall presentation was pretty informative. However, I feel like it lacked your opinion on the matter. You could integrate previous research that may have been done on the matter of how people interpret the whole image of a sorority girl or the lifestyle.

  3. Justin Colussi & Connor Wilson

    " Cassius Clay: Fighting For Equality "

    Muhammad Ali changed the game. Most people hear the name Ali and envision a conceited African American boxer standing over a victim in the ring wearing scarlet shorts and proclaiming himself as ‘the Champ’. In reality, the man originally name Cassius Clay was much more than that. He was an icon for black equality and social upheaval in a white man’s world.

    From the respect he earned as boxing’s heavyweight champion of the world, Ali was placed in a position of influential power. He was one of the most controversial characters in social media, politics and sports. Many would argue that his arrogance and pride acted as a hindrance on the progression of black and white equality, and others regard his impact as positively influential as Gandhi’s. Our research report will examine how the personality, actions and ideas introduced by Muhammad Ali ignited a struggling black nation in the 1960’s. We will demonstrate the impact that he had on African Americans battling prejudice and mediocrity in not only the United States, but in all corners of the world. In many ways, Ali was the eccentric figure that finally pushed black people from the beaten path of injustice to a newly-paved path of pride and righteousness.

    1. Hi Connor & Justin,

      Can you give your presentation in class on Wed, March 28th - since your abstract was too late for the conference?

      Thank you,


  4. "Unveiling true beauty : The Change of Ideals in North American"
    What is it that defines beauty in present day North America? The 21st century came, and brought with it, advancements in technology, science, medicine, and even beauty. It can be argued both ways, but we feel as if the advancements in beauty brought about a change in the very definition of beauty and its ideals. The media influenced images which we have all become accustomed to have slowly lowered the self esteem of women both young and old alike, giving beauty a new and distorted “face”. Beauty has played an influential role in the lives of humans since the start of mankind, but it’s the changes that have been made and the ideals created and accepted that we will discuss in this paper.

    Jasmine & Puneet

  5. Research Question: What motivates altruism among human beings?

    Altruism and Compassion exists among the human race, whether is based upon religious beliefs or implanted into DNA. What causes humanity to bring about this compassion towards others has caused discussion. Some feel the answer is our genetics, compassion is something that has been engraved in our genetic make-up, and it is a part of our bodies. There are others who feel that it is an act brought about in situations that require or need to help of those in need. It’s a part of every being, and we are all capable to delving into this greatness. Altruism is brought about from what is implanted within the brain, or beliefs and morals mankind has held strong to. Everyone is capable of acting on the compassion they feel towards certain situations. However, compassion and altruism is not seen within all of humanity. There are those who are put in situations and lifestyles that hinder these capabilities. It is something innate, an autonomic function within the body; it can be brought about when the body is simple placed in a “fright of flight” state. It can be something motived through nurture, religion and morals brought up within families and communities. Altruism is what allows people to go beyond their comfort zones and realize what greatness human beings are capable of. It teaches those who are in need to move forward in the toughest situations.
    -Tanjot Gill

  6. Feedback for Joey Chan -- Technology - Useful, Harmful or Both?

    Well done with your presentation Joey! I definitely agree with the fact that people in today’s society are becoming more and more connected to the virtual world, especially when it’s more than they should. I absolutely agree with how technology is affecting our own family relationships because I’ve definitely experienced firsthand. There is definitely a fine line between technological interaction and human interaction. Yes, technological interaction is good, especially since we are moving into an age where technology becomes prominent over virtually anything, but we cannot let go of our own human interactions just because we are interacting with something else. If stride more towards technology, we may even become technology ourselves! I bet no one would want to date a cyborg.

  7. Feedback for Steven Kasper- Global Mapping: The Inside and Outside of the Earth

    Your ideas and presentation was very interesting and has really got me thinking about this global mapping idea. Although I am not totally into this field, I think that it would be very fascinating for someone to be able to map the inside and outside of the Earth. This would be very helpful to many different areas of study because people can see what is going on inside and outside the earth in respect to human interactions and climate change. If this idea were to be successful, it would definitely be very useful in the future.

  8. Feedback:
    @Joey: It was a well prepared presentation. The topic was easy to relate to as each of us are surrounded by technology every day. It was funny and the video was very eye catching, and well done on smiling throughout the presentation.
    @Cole: You spoke confidently and had a loud voice which was easily understood and easy to hear. You put an interesting spin on a familiar topic. The presentation was one that someone would like to listen to as each of us have our own opinions on the internet and it was interesting to hear your views.
    @Arnold: You were brave to choose a controversial subject. You chose something that many of us had heard about but didn't know everything about, but I totally agreed with you that we shouldn't just believe everything we here. By the way, recently the Ugandan government actually released a video in response to the Kony video informing people that the Kony situation is much smaller than it was and that the video is somewhat misleading.
    @Kevin:You had a powerpoint that did not have much writing so the audience payed more attention to what you were saying. Your view on copyright was presented in an original manner. You seemed to be enjoying what you were speaking about and your 'Bob' analogy, the tale you told about the man who hears a story and goes home to tell it to his wife, was very unique and a great imaginative representation of your presentation.

  9. Feedback ^I'm going to copy your style :D
    @Jasmine Bassi & Puneet Brar
    I thought it was a wellrounded presentation because you talked about beauty from all walks of live even if it is in North America. I think it is also good to highlight some of the beauty standards people from different countries might bring to North America And I think you should talked more ( though I am sure you included in your actual paper) your own opinions.

    @Chris Tong

    I learned a lot about electronic music from your presentation. I thought it was good that you explained the history to understand the controversies that have occurred. Hopefully you can explain more on the ways electronic music and acoustic music can coo-exist together.

    @Riza Kazemi
    I really liked how interactive your presentation was. You showed that people perceive music in the same manner in such an engaging way! You were really thoughtful making a double blind test. I hope you can include some of your own opinions in your actual paper!

  10. Feedback for John Chen:
    The topic you chose is different, and i learned something new because i had never heard of this story before. I think it's neat how you chose something that is not typical for a research paper, and i think you can really play with the originality of your paper, by including your own thoughts on the importance of inventions such as this one that benefit people in need, not just advancements like new cell phones or t.v's which we could all really live without.

    Feedback for Rob MacEachern:
    Your presentation was interesting, and it was neat how you had a sort of personal history with the topic, with the profession of your parents and your own interests. Technology is advancing around us everyday, and it was great how you looked at ways this advancement could benefit the public in terms of health care which is an important issue we can not ignore. Your views on how you feel about the advancements is something i feel you could include, along with the advancements themselves.

  11. Feedback for John Chen:
    I really liked the topic that you chose. It was extremely original since I am sure no one in the class had heard of it before. It was important that you gave background information on the paper because it gave insight to the significance of the invention. Your presentation was very conversational and interesting to hear about throughout.

    Feedback for Rob MacEachern:
    I commend you for your research paper and the effort that you made highlighting something that could create innovations in the future. I personally found this topic very intriguing and stayed engaged throughout your presentation. The idea of using technology for health care is an excellent idea and something we may as well see in the future. Very creative thinking.