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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Additional Conference Material

This is the section where you can post all additional material that you would like to share because it is relevant for - or somehow related to -  your conference topic.  What you can post here includes - but is not limited to - the following: 

- your research paper
- links to existing research
- comments, questions, reflections
- journal entries
- video clips
- images
- music
- art works
- creative writing
- ideas
- events
- references
- background information
- other interesting links

I hope you will make use of the opportunity to share more about the new maps, paths, and vistas that you have discovered with the rest of us!

Please enjoy posting - and reading what other people have posted here!

Thanks in advance for your contributions and for your cooperation!



  1. Hi,

    This is our Prezi focusing on Muhammad Ali. Presented by Connor Wilson and Justin Colussi.

  2. Here is my Powerpoint Presentation on Scouts & Cadets Canada:

  3. The documents I used during the presentation can be found at: